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Gameplay :

Generals brings many changes to the gameplay used in the previous C&C games. For example, the notion of unit deployment has been thrown out. Units will now have more than one secondary function, and all those functions will be accessed through the new interface.

Another change to the C&C gameplay formula is the introduction of peon-class units: Bulldozers, Supply Trucks, and Workers. When you begin a game in Generals, no matter which side you choose, you'll automatically start with a Bulldozer(USA and China) or Worker (GlA), as it's part of the Command Center. This Bulldozer or Worker performs the actual construction of all your buildings in the game -- structures no longer build themselves. They will also let you build anywhere you want. The Bulldozers will function as your repair units, too -- structures will no longer repair themselves when you tell them to -- and you can build more of them at your Command Center.

Supply Trucks, Chinooks, Workers and Supply Depots will form the basis of the game's resource model -- there's no Tiberium or Ore in Generals. Instead, each map will have several Supply Depots -- really nothing more than large warehouses -- where you'll be able to send your supply gatherers to in order to pick up construction materials.

If this sounds rather similar to Blizzard's Star Craft and Ensemble's Age of Empires, prepare for more: Generals does away with the vertical build bad that has been a Westwood trademark since Dune II in favour of a horizontal one similar to the interfaces in the above mentioned games.  Now, to build a unit, you will have to click on the building that is responsible for the construction of that unit to receive the option of building the unit.  While this might seem like a drastic change to hard-core C&C fans, Westwood promises that this will only help to display more information and special commands (more below), etc. and allow better control of units.

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