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Here at GenEdit2K we’re not just about us. We provide quality hosting for quality mods. Whether you require a domain name or want to kick back with a free sub-domain, GenEdit2K provides it all. Below is a list of what we offer:

- Loads of space and bandwidth. (This is monitored, and arrangements can be made to increase these amounts if needed)
- Domains will receive 10 POP3 e-mail accounts ([email protected])
- Sub-domains will receive 5 POP3 e-mail accounts ([email protected])
- PHP 4
- Perl

Besides the technical portion of web hosting, staff at GenEdit2K also includes lots of bonuses for hosted sites. These include:

- Web Design Assistance
- Network Forums
- Forum Installation*
- Top News Coverage

* This is an option for hosted sites if they do not want to use the GenEdit2K Network Forums. All pay forums must have a valid owner’s license.

GenEdit2k offers subdomain hosting to groups creating a mod for Command and Conquer: Generals.
Name of your mod team:
Mod team leader's name:
Mod team leader's e-mail address:

Number of members on mod team:
Mod name:
Mod web site or download link:
Mod description:
Space required (MB):
Sub-domain Requested (

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