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Utilities Downloads

Not only will the utilities located here help you create mods and maps, but fan-made utilities will also provide even more for modders to work with.

  • World Builder
    Generals Editor. This file lets you make maps, mods, cutscenes, and much more.

  • XURC
    Created by Olaf Van Der Spek, XURC is a Generals .BIG extractor. To use the program extract the files contained in BIG's, such as INI or Audio files.

  • CSF Editor
    This program, created by Scorpio9a, enables you to be able to edit .CSF files, which display as EVA text and other text within Generals.

  • BigPOP Generals Data Editor
    This program not only extracts .BIG files from Generals, but it also saves them. Eventually, Logan plans on having this program edit every aspect of Generals except 3D modeling.

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